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Woven Shoulder Bags 104cm Strab black

Authentic  woven rug shoulder bag has a woven miniuatue rug with unipue Persian Rug designs on each side,
Both sides of the bag have the same pattern. Rug shoulder bags  machine woven and made of %100 polyester.
(not printed neither plastic) 
Shoulder Bag  has a zipper on top inside with black lining ,

Bright colors that do not fade, the bag is washable

Dimensions :
* Length : 20 cm (7,9 in)
*Height : 15 cm (5,9 in)
* Width : 4,2 cm (1,7 in

Price is 9,80usd Shipping Free



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Shoulder Bag : SB01

Shoulder Bag : MB02

Shoulder Bag :MP03

Shoulder Bag : SB04


Shoulder Bag : SB05

Shoulder Bag : SB06

Shoulder Bag : SB07

Shoulder Bag : SB08